Using Call of Dragons Bot

The Rise of Kingdoms creators introduced a new mobile kingdom-building game, Call of Dragons. The game requires players to build a base. And like other games, resources and currencies are very important.

For Call of Dragons, there are different currencies that you need to gather – gold, wood, gems, mana, and ores. You can collect this, earn it by finishing quests, or simply use the Call of Dragons bot. Check it out here to learn why these resources are important.


In Call of Dragons, gold is the most important currency or resource. Gold is used for almost everything that needs to be purchased. You can use this to buy heroes, upgrade your buildings, train troops, and more. You can farm gold with mint or finish quests. Gold can be found anywhere on the Call of Dragons map. If you want the easy way, then use a bot.

Using Call of Dragons Bot


Towards the end of the game, you need to use mana. This is very important for improving techs or getting more troops. Mana is also needed to upgrade artifacts. You can produce this in the mana pool or collect them. For faster mana gathering, use a Call of Dragons bot.


Ores can be used to improve buildings and techs, and also for completing certain tasks. Ores are not as important as the other currency, but you will find them valuable.  Farm ores with mint or do game quests. You can also gather them all across the map using your game bot.


Wood is a very important resource in the game. Even though it’s not the main currency, wood can also be used to buy different items. It can be used for training troops, building, upgrading, and decorating the base. Like gold, you can also collect wood or do quests.

Using Call of Dragons Bot


Unlike the other resources in Call of Dragons, gems are very rare. They cannot be easily famed or collected like wood, ores, or old. But gems are so important that they can be used for basically any task in the game. Players who have a budget can “pay to win” to earn gems.

Using Call of Dragons Bot for Gathering Tasks

Gathering these resources requires time and effort. If you want it to be quick, then you can use a game bot for its gathering features. You can choose what items should it gather – wood, gold, ore, mana, or a mix of these resources. To ensure success, only use the Call of Dragons bot from a trusted source.

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