Telugu Movies

Movies and shows have become a part of your free time. And if you are one of those people who enjoy being alone most of the time. Therefore, assumptions are you may invest that time in refreshing yourself with movies, books, or doing something productive. Everyone has their definition of refreshments. However, studies have shown that most folks use their time watching a movie. Are you a fan of Telugu movies? Would you love to have some action time at home? Here are some recommendations for a pleasant evening like Bheemla Nayak, Khaidi, and Pakka Commercial. These movies have an excellent storylines that can help you to enjoy a good time.

The storyline of action movies

The storyline of any movie is what determines its favourability of any movie. However, having a solid storyline that everyone can relate to on an emotional level.

·         Khaidi

The story structure of Khaidi foreshadows the love of a father who wants to meet his little girl. Karthi, the male lead of the movie, only aims to meet his daughter sent to an orphanage in his absence. Therefore, The desperation of a father who yearns to meet his daughter is evident. The story continues throughout the movie with blockbuster actions of ups and down.

·         Bheemla Nayak

The story of Bheemla Nayak is a remake of Ayyapamum Koshiyum. Moreover, it is a blockbuster action-packed movie that creates a ‘heroic’ moment for the scenes of the film. The performance of the actors throughout the story reflects variations with a solid delivery. When Bheemla discovers that Daniel planned against him to ruin his reputation. Therefore, he becomes nonchalant and feels blatantly furious over his action. The story has good twists and turns throughout the plot.

·         Pakka Commercial

The story of this movie is unique, with some legal action. Moreover, the story starts when the dutiful lawyer, Suryanarayana, resigns because of not able to deliver Amulya. However, years later his son becomes a lawyer. But unlike his father, the main lead fights cases for his profit. The plot continues with action and a little romance.

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